Fuckable Hairy Redhead

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Luka is a hairy girl who wants to try dancing at local’s night at the strip club. She wants you to watch her routine and get warmed up.

Luka is covered in hair from her hairy legs to her hairy armpits. She dances around caressing all of her hairy curves and demonstrating how flexible she is.

Her pink hairy pussy begs to be licked and because she’s into breaking rules, Luka doesn’t mind if you touch. She wants you to do more than just lick her pussy.

Luka wants to feel you pound her hairy snatch. Sounds good to me! My place or your’s?

Check out more of Luka at Seattle Hairy Girls.

Annika & Valerie

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Annika is upset because Valerie was a no show for her birthday party. Just when Annika has lost all hope Valerie runs in and apologizes. To make it up Valerie brings a gift of a big strap on dildo.

The hairy girls are so horny that they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Soon they are fingering each other’s hairy pussies while making out.

Annika dives into Valerie’s muff going deep with her tongue. Valerie doesn’t forget its Annika’s birthday, and makes sure to put the gift to good use by pounding Annika’s hairy pussy, making her squeal with delight.

Wouldn’t you love to be there? Happy Birthday, babe. I’ve got a rock hard dick for you, too. Both of you!

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Hairy Girl Gets Fucked Outside

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Here’s a page with some movie clips on it of a cute hairy girl getting fucked outside. This looks very interesting to me, and I wouldn’t mind giving it to her on her towel out there in that field.  I wonder what happened to their clothes?

Hairy girl gets fucked outside.

Enjoy. :)

Hairy Babe Really Likes That Cock

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Here’s some pics from a hairy retro hardcore set that I’ve got on file. This little chick is super-horny and wants it real bad! She sure is happy once she sees that cock, isn’t she?

You can see more of this hairy slut and many more at Hairy Babes. :)

Hairy BBWs

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These are some pics that I got from the BBW section at Hairy Babes, over a year ago when I had my subscription there.

The first two are not really good quality, but the third one owns a nice aquarium and she’s got a nice bush! The common ingredient I think, is that they all have nice cunts on them.

And that last one… holy shit! No wonder that guy makes such excellent salad! Now his secret’s out!

Hairy Ass-Kicking Babe

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This is Jak from ATK. She’s one of the more unknown models there. She must be, because I can’t recall ever seeing any of her galleries around before.

Jak is a 24 year-old ass-kicker from upstate New York. Her build is very similar to that of Bunny. I’d do this chick no problem if given the opportunity. I don’t mind the tattoos, either. I especially like that last shot of her from behind… and she has cool socks, too!

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Bunny

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Bunny is a pretty cute girl. She’s been around forever it seems, and she’s got like 20 galleries and as many movies at ATK.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girls Galleries

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Here are a few recent hairy girls galleries. There are, of course, many nice looking ladies here and every one of them could have their way with me pretty easy. :)








Hairy Forum Registrations

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New user accounts at Hairy Forum were set so they had to be manually approved and this happened several months ago. This was due to the huge amounts of spam that was being posted on the board.

I am currently way behind in reviewing the new memberships, and it doesn’t look like I will catch up any time soon as there are several thousands to go through.  If you have registered as a new user and are still waiting for your account approval, then reply to this post and include the username that you signed up with and I will fast-track it for you.

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Hairy Czech Babe Andrea

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Andrea is a cutie that I’ve always liked. She’s got a nice bush and she loves anal sex.

She appears in two of ATK’s new DVDs, volume 12: Hairway to Heaven and volume 16: Fuck My Hairy Pussy. I’d love to.

Andrea is 23 years old and works as a dancer. That could also just be another term for stripper but I’m only guessing.

She’s got a hairy ass crack and I’d love to pound this sweety any time. She says her favorite place is in bed. That would also be my favorite place to spend quality time with her too.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cute Hairy Redhead

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Jodi is a cutie from the Ukraine. She’s a nice little spreader and I’ve enjoyed all her work. She’s got about 22 galleries now.

Jodi is 20 years old and is a student who says she likes dancing in the dark. She likes it 69 the best. I wouldn’t mind putting my dick in her mouth and I wouldn’t really mind licking her off either. So that would work out good.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy. :)

Hairy Babe Sherri From Behind

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I came across some shots of Sherri from behind. Some of these offer a pretty nice view. :)

Check out these nice shots and use your back button to return here.



Here’s more of Sherri from behind from another set, better than the first group.



Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy:)

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