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It’s always a pleasure to see more of Janelle. This hairy cutie has an extremely hairy pussy and ass. She was 18 years old when she first appeared at Natural & Hairy.

Janelle has been a very popular model ever since she first appeared, and for obvious reasons. I think it was back around July of 2005 when we saw her first gallery.

She’s got 30 awesome sets at Natural & Hairy now, but unfortunately no movies of her have been released yet. So many people keep asking me when and if ATKingdom will come out with some movies of her, but I really have no idea. All I know is that they haven’t done so yet.

You can basically pick any one of her excellent galleries and enjoy it! From her model page I clicked on the link called “similar models” for something to do, and it found me 74 results. I won’t go into detail about those results because that would really take too long. But I will at least post some of those models here in the near future.

Janelle is from California and lists her occupation as babysitter. Wouldn’t that be awesome if you could hire her even for one night? Once Janelle arrives, just give the wife a few hundred bucks and send the wife out with the kids. Sorry dear, all of a sudden I’m not feeling so well, but you go out and enjoy the evening… and don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright! And then maybe Janelle could stay and “take care” of you? An expensive “if, and or but” I know, but hey, it’s worth a shot!

In her full bio she also listed her favorite sexual position as doggy. I would love to!

There’s a new gallery today for our Hairy Punta collection, you can take a further look at Janelle¬†here.

For all of Janelle’s excellent galleries, complete and full-size, visit ATK Natural & Hairy.

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