6:10 pm Hairy Pussy



Katerina has been a hairy favorite like forever it seems! She’s got some awesome galleries and some nice movies available too.

These shots are from one of her many excellent sets. Her cunt looks good from almost any angle.

Katerina looks pretty fuckable when she keeps her mouth closed. There has been much debate on the internet about why this chick always opens her mouth like she’s cumming or something. I’ve even heard that there used to be a Katerina hate group on MSN or somewhere, but I was unable to find it when I searched for it.

I’ve noticed that about half the people I hear from love this girl and about half hate her for some reason. I’m in the half that love her. I’d absoutely love to fuck this hairy punta!

Katerina was 22 years old when she first appeared at Natural & Hairy. If you searched from her model page for similar models today you’d get 21 results.

You can see all of Katerina’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy. It’s the best there is!

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